About Us

Who We Are?

The island of Batam, Indonesia is located strategically near to both Singapore and Malaysia, making it one of the most important industrial and commerical hubs in the nation, attracting foreign investors and creating employment opportunities for the rest of the nation.

The Indonesian government has designated Batam, as well as some of the surrounding region, as a Free Trade Zone, welcoming investment from abroad and boosting the island’s appeal internationally.

Over the last few decades, the island of Batam has dramatically evolved from being used merely as a storage facility for fuel, to becoming an industrial and commercial powerhouse with a diverse population of well over a million people.

In light of Batam’s rapid development, the construction industry has and continues to play an important role in the island’s ecomony, meeting the growing demands for building projects as local and foreign investors alike seek to realize the full potential of this gateway island.

Experiencing the development of the island firsthand, along with noticing the strong demand for high quality construction and architectural services, we established Matin Perkasa as a premier construction company on the island of Batam.

Our founder, Robin Yeo, has a passion and drive to provide both local and foreign investors alike with the very best and most complete construction services available, serving businesses well and improving their bottom lines.

We offer a full selection of services ranging from interior and exterior construction to mechanical work for a variety of key industries, including, but not limited to shipyards, factories, and hotels. At Matin Perkasa, we deliver satisfactory results for every project that we undertake, prioritizing quality without sacrificing affordability.



Matin Perkasa as the most trusted contractor for any and every type of construction work  within a variety of key industries.



Deliver excellent results that exhibit both high quality and professionality at competitve prices.

Core Values

Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

Every Matin Perkasa project is important to us and we are committed to delivering satisfactory results that exceed expectations.  Our experienced team is well-versed in meeting the needs and demands of clients in bringing their vision into reality and are determined not to disappoint.  We endeavor to be the best at what we do and continue to look for new ways to serve our clients better.

Cost EffectivenessCost Effectiveness

We understand how business works and we know that in order to serve our clients well, we need to provide excellent solutions at affordable and reasonable prices.  In-line with this philosophy, we work hard to deliver high quality products at competitive pricing that gives us the edge over our competitors.  We believe that if we treat our clients well, we will earn their trust and foster a healthy and vibrant business relationship into the future.

Excellent QualityExcellent Quality

Our professional team works tirelessly to ensure that every finished Matin Perkasa project exemplifies top tier quality workmanship, from the external structural components, to the small interior details that bring all the elements of the project together.  It is this emphasis on quality that drives our founder, Robin Yeo, to want to visit each project site and oversee the various details of the work in order to guarantee an end product that pleases our clients.  We want “high quality” to be synonymous with the name “Matin Perkasa”.